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Property Settlements


Seeking legal advice need not mean that an expensive and stressful trial will follow. We always try to minimise the acrimony between our clients and their former partners in negotiations.

Clients may only need assistance drawing up formal documentation to give effect to an agreement they have already reached.

It is critical that legal advice be sought before, during and after engaging in any mediation process about these issues. Mediators will not be able to give you legal advice and you should know what the courts would consider to be a fair resolution of the issues in dispute before attempting to negotiate.

Do not assume that a 50/50 split of all assets is automatic. That is certainly not always the case.

Do not assume that you should divide your assets as your friends or family have divided theirs. Get advice about your own particular circumstances.

Unfortunately sometimes legal proceedings will need to be instituted in the family courts.

For clients with complex financial arrangements, we can freely draw upon the expertise of any of the firm's commercial partners.

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Alexandra Wright, Family Lawyer 


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