Grope Hamilton

Business and Commercial Litigation

If a commercial resolution of a dispute is feasible and in the client's best interests, Grope Hamilton Lawyers will work hard and strategically to achieve it.

If litigation is necessary, Grope Hamilton Lawyers will identify an astute problem solving approach and work hard, fast and smart to achieve a successful outcome.

Grope Hamilton Lawyers has a team of highly experienced, strategic litigators with an excellent support team.

Grope Hamilton Lawyers use only a small parcel of selected barristers, who have established expertise in their areas of specialty and whom the firm knows well and trusts to deliver the necessary technical knowledge, strategic approach and advocacy of clients' cases.

Similarly, the firm uses a small parcel of expert witnesses, such as accountants for loss reports and building consultants for building disputes, whose capabilities are well established through involvement in past clients' cases.


Mark Hamilton, Managing Partner

Nick Baldock, Partner

Tonia Karagiannis, Partner

Theo Kadis, Partner

Colin Dorrian, Partner

Anne Najjar, Senior Associate Solicitor

"What separates good and very good lawyers? A reputation for achieving tactical advantage in commercial disputes or legal tasks involving problem solving."

Mark Hamilton,Managing Partner


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Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.